Xavier Louis is CPO and Co-founder of the brain training app Peak.

Xavier Louis

Can you give us a few words on Peak?

We believe people can reach their peak performance in a fun and motivational way. Our main product is Peak - Brain Training, a self-improvement app that offers fun and challenging games to exercise your mental skills. Peak was named one of the “Best Apps of 2014” by Apple, and a Google Play “Best Self Improvement App” in 2016. It’s the most popular brain training application on mobile with more than 20m customers.


Can you tell us a bit more about Hachette acquiring a majority stake in your company?

Hachette took a majority stake in Peak in December 2016. We have a lot of shared values around the positive impact and educational values of our products. They’re strong believers in what we build every day at Peak and they are going to help us accelerate our roadmap whilst keeping a day-to-day independence of the business.


If you had one piece of advice to give to a newly-arrived-in-London French gaming startup, what would it be?

I would suggest engaging the conversion with investors early on as it’s going to take time and many iterations to build a great product / game J


What VCs would you recommend?

We have had the chance to work with some of the most experienced and passionate gaming investors such as London Venture Partners, Initial Capital, DN Capital, Qualcomm Ventures and Creandum.


Where will you invest your first or next million?

My wife and I might disagree on this one J But I will most certainly invest most of it back in the start-up ecosystem with a personal interest in gaming, education, e-health and social impact.


Who is your favourite entrepreneur at the moment?

I have a lot of respect for the very successful Nordics gaming entrepreneurs I have worked with such as Kristian Segerstrale (Playfish) and Ilkka Paananen (Supercell): passionate, ready to embrace failure, a bold vision, and always very humble. Also I would like to praise entrepreneur-philanthropists such as Bill Gates or Alexandre Mars (Epic Foundation) who have been building great initiatives to change the world for the better.


Your favourite hero?



What is your favourite motto?

I still like and use the motto we had back to my Amazon days: “Work hard, have fun, make history!”